A “Little” Inconvenience

Well, there was a real shock at the door today.  The monthly notice from the management announced that tomorrow (Thursday, May 5) someone(s) from the “upper level” management of the place would be around “inspecting.” Given last week’s inspection, it was thought there would be a subsequent inspection of some sort.  However, it was assumed it would be some kind of governmental round and in a couple of weeks or more, not so soon.  Since it is “upper level” of the ownership, it’s understandable but still unexpected. 

As noted already, everything had been hauled out of the bathroom for the first inspection and after several days finally returned to the “comfortable.”  So, today it was all hauled out again.  Years ago the real importance of the state of the bathroom became clear. Back in the family home, the laundry was always kept in the bathroom in a clothes hamper.  So, the laundry in the apartment was kept in the bathroom.  One day on a hunch, it was hauled to a hall corner and the next inspection resulted in a written commendation. 

The homemaker aide was more than an hour late.  There wasn’t a reason to open the door, so the notice wasn’t found until afternoon when she came.  As things were not ready for her (as usual) it had been a busy morning, especially since the advertising had not even been pulled out of the delivery sleeve and it was necessary to send her to the bank with a check for money. It’s amazing the comments for the day for the weblogs have been finished.  There is so much of a state of exhaustion it was thought to not even try to do them. 

People can surprise themselves. 


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