A Few Little Things

There are some really special times in life, like when a person runs out of toilet paper.  It isn’t that there wasn’t any around anywhere, as the homemaker aide brought back plenty – two four roll packs – last Tuesday.  However, given Wednesday’s inspection, it was okay to let some of the “new” groceries sit in favor of doing other things.  This was especially true with the likes of toilet paper as things had to be hauled out of the bathroom, which is where it normally would have been piled.  A modest amount did sit out in the open. 

Why the dwindling toilet paper wasn’t noticed yesterday instead of this morning is something to wonder over.  Apparently yours truly was more foggy headed yesterday than thought, although that did not seem to be the case. On the other hand, at somewhere around age fifteen an egg was put up to boil and forgotten.  That time the water boiled away and the egg exploded – remnants of it were on the ceiling.  The shortage of toilet paper today is probably nothing to be worried over.  …Unless it happens a few more times.   

Anyway, the day started out rather uncomfortably, and developed some additional like matters as it progressed.  Excessive amounts of nose paper must have been used over the weekend.  That also ran out (surprisingly), as did the cigarette carton and spray bottle alcohol.  Additional alcohol and cigarettes were sitting in the main area with the toilet paper in bags covering spots on the rug.  There was internet connectivity to an extent and some time was spent online reading and posting.  Meanwhile the trash is piling. 

One really shouldn’t count on tomorrow. 


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