The virtual world, as those who get online pretty well know, can be viewed rather endlessly.  It’s not quite like a library with thousands of books in it, as once the books are printed what is in them is not changed. What’s put up on the world wide web, on the other hand, may stay unchanged (yours truly doesn’t expect to go back to redo anything that’s on these pages), but is just as likely to change with the speed of a moving picture.  And, once the whatever it is or was has been replaced it’s hard, maybe impossible, to retrieve it.

One can spend all the time in existence just reading things that are online – an article here, a commentary there, descriptions of places most anywhere in the world…. They’re put up by both the knowing and the unknowing for some reason or another and provide both a wealth of knowledge or a bunch of misinformation to anyone who’s going to go through it.  Although what’s there to be found is usually more current than past, it’s still informative, the meat and potatoes of the curious.  Things like records don’t go deeply into the past.

The interesting part of all of it is that so much of the material is put up by knowledgeable people who otherwise would not be heard in the methods of the past.  Be it through teachers and education or a more common means such as television, what’s found is filtered by that source. The man on the street in Australia would never make it into the lesson plan or onto the program schedule.  Given internet access recently, some time was spent happily surfing the web.  It’s uncommon doings. Otherwise, today was similar to other Sundays. 

What’s fun is relative. 


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