Personal Party Time

And, the official paper (passed inspection okay) arrived today.  It’s what counts. Personally speaking, the estimate would be it’s a case of just passable; but, both the owner of the place and the one who is responsible to the owner of the place are other people.  If it’s all right with them, the occupant of the place will happily tend to some other things.  The supermarket had frozen dinners on sale; among them the homemaker aide found some stuffed peppers. They went into the oven for a celebratory dinner this evening. 

There was reason to celebrate not only due to freedom from more inspecting – if “they” find something they do not like, it’s written up in a notice, the resident has two weeks to correct the matter and a second inspection is done – but because yours truly got to play on the computer a little bit again.  Oh, it definitely did not work in any way one might call superb, but there was enough connectivity much of the time to be checking the email (without paying the ninety-nine cents to get online with the mobile unit) and more. 

A piece of mail needed to go out today.  There absolutely wasn’t a chance of calming down enough to neatly put it together yesterday. It likely would have been all right if it went out tomorrow; but there had to be a try to get it out today, which meant put it together this morning before the mail carrier arrived.  Well, the address on the envelope wasn’t written too straight, and the words written looked like something was left out, but, it got done.  It took three trips to the lobby, two to see if the mail carrier came after the mailing. 

A celebration now and then is good. 


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