Inspection Preparation

Homemaker aide came – a bit late but a day early, inconvenienced though a few people, including her, might have been – and as seen fit went to the post office and the supermarket. First she listened to why a lot depended on her, namely, yours truly was about ready to scream earlier.  Indeed, there was a dissolving in to some yelling at “nice lady.”  She came to the door.  She has the same inspecting for tomorrow.  Maybe her apartment is in perfect order.  She evidently arrived intent on chat.  It took more than an hour to calm down. 

Homemaker aide listened, ran the errands and cleaned a lot more than usual in the remaining time.  Well, she swept the kitchen – that was not only seen but was assisted.  And, she mopped. It, too, was seen. And, after she left, a look around suggested it would be wise to sweep again.  Where the stuff came from is an absolute mystery unless it fell out of the mop. There was no dust in the second time, but there were nearly as many slivers of this and that.  Ditto it was with the bathroom.  Grocery bags and items were not put away. 

After a pause to recover from the second round with the bathroom and kitchen, the idea was to get a cup of coffee (fish a cup out of a bag) and strategically relocate some of the unpacked grocery bags over some spots on the rug.  Cup in one hand, bags in the other, a precarious pushing of the lever to move the scooter worked for ten feet.  Then the machine hit dead stop sloshing the coffee around a little creating some more spots on the rug.  And, there was nothing handy with which to mop it up.  (The battery was dead.) 

Only one person wins in competition. 


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