Spring In Full Swing

Easter Monday “eve” – it’s past sunset Sunday – is at hand.  Dinner is in a pre-packaged tray in the oven.  Weblog entries for Sunday are “published in waiting,” ready for a more normal hour. Being a little consistent can be a good thing.  The day (Sunday) was so still it could be called motionless.  In a last desperate pitch, yours truly managed to download about a half-dozen charming Easter images from last week’s collection down by the elevators. It was possible only because the scooter was re-charged in the morning. 

The coming week’s events are supposedly determined. There’s no point in listing them as it probably won’t happen that way, at least not any part yours truly has in mind.  The trash, meanwhile, seems to be accumulating more rapidly than usual.  The usual troubles in regard to actual walking (rather than “scootering”) seem to be just as bad as usual if not worse.  Some months ago a back supporting thing (not a brace) was bought to see if that helped matters any at all.  It was finally decided to try it (too early for any results). 

Monday daytime did come and ran rather like other days of simply getting started. In mind, however, were things like the several trips to get a few of the pictures copied using up scooter battery energy and the fact that the homemaker aide is due tomorrow to spiffy up the place for the coming management inspection on Wednesday. A list, trash, etc., is due tomorrow, and it must be a short list to save time while there’s really no inclination to do anything.  There’s only a hope the scooter battery will last through the morning. 

There’s a great big world outside.  


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