Personal Background

It really isn’t too difficult to find someone in the United States that is not equipped with extensive Christian background. The people are from most anywhere in the world.  They likely know some things of Christianity, but not a lot.  On the other hand, in various pockets of the humanity, the place is over-run with Christians of various types. Black, white, Native American and anything else that has been near has been touched by the Christian missionaries of the past.  It may be a jumbled collection of information, but it is a collection. 

Cincinnati has a lot of Baptists, but yours truly once decided to find out how many Roman Catholic high schools there were and lost the count somewhere around nine – people have to pay tuition for their children to go to them.  Maybe because the fifty miles was hard to travel by horse, Dayton is not so well stocked, but the southbank’s just about like Cincinnati, complete with cathedral (historic) barely two miles from the one in Cincinnati. That’s two cathedrals, both of them legitimate, with bona fide bishops in charge. 

It’s Christian holiday Easter Sunday in Covington, and a rainy one at that. Various doors in the apartment building have displayed some thoughts about the matter such as bunny rabbit and Easter basket displays (no Risen Christ noticed). However, one day last week one person came to the door wanting to know if there was a wish for a little Palm Sunday palm in view of the Christian “background.”  (No.) The personal Christian Easter special was always a giant chocolate covered fruit and nut candy egg.  It’s been a while….

There are sterile times. 


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