A Lot Of Little Things

It seems the whole live-long day was destined to be an “off slightly” day. That’s the kind of a day when one opens the refrigerator door and something falls out.  It didn’t fall out during the previous three times the door was opened and it wasn’t moved.  Some factor that was working all along, like maybe the imperceptible movement of the refrigerator as the door was opened and shut finally dislodged it.  It’s a real thing. One aims to drop something in the trash, and it veers enough to hit the edge and bounce off. 

By 3:30 p.m. enough items were “off” that yours truly determined it was a whole day of “off slightly.” Very carefully the coffee cup in the microwave was watched as the time was about up.  Sure enough it boiled up and would have overflowed exactly as the finish time was reached.  Stop was hit one second before the time was up.  Some days might have one or two incidents; but, it’s the first time that it has seemed to have happened all day. Nothing was broken, torn or damaged. Nothing caught fire. It was under secondary control.   

Any just plain rainy day tends to be a quiet day.  Today was such.  In addition, any day very near a holiday, especially solemn holidays of any sort, tends to be a quiet day as people are busy about their individual doings.  There was nothing disturbing anywhere around to lend an impetus to falling pens and similar things.  A choice bit was an envelope that fell out of the scooter basket enroute to it’s delivery.  Nothing happened all the way down the hall, upstairs to another floor, and down to the lobby.  There it fell out. 

There are many mysteries in life. 


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