Internal Clock?

Times and dates on weblog postings are automatic and adjustable (both).  If nothing is done, just like on things like message boards, the time and date logged in are whatever it actually is.  In addition, someone can create a message and pre-set it for appearance at a future time.  That’s not a draft.  It’s an actual posting that simply is not published (visible). In addition to that, one can do it with a past date, that is, next week it’s written but one gets into the works and puts yesterday’s date on it. 

That, of course, means that what is put up is merely “dated” for an effective date and is not necessarily any kind of an actual date.  As a matter of practice, it’s sensible to have effective dates and actual dates one and the same. If there’s a reason to check back on what was said, the actual date may be the important thing.  The reason for bringing this all up had some practical application last night, all explained in the next paragraph.  Meanwhile, it is something that a good many people don’t consider:  dates are effective dates.    

As often happens, yesterday’s commentaries were finished late but not overly so.  In addition to the homemaker aide, a visitor showed up unexpectedly. The totality was really exhausting, so a final read of the commentaries was set aside to rest enough to think better. A half of an hour sounded good.  It didn’t work out that way – yours truly fell sound asleep and at five minutes until midnight suddenly awakened. There was just time to post (not read) the comments of the day, and they would be in order. 

The mind is a mysterious thing.  


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