Terribly Busy Day

Even if there’s nothing particularly wrong with them, old people are slow; so, it doesn’t take much to make it a day of much activity.  If the person is somewhat limited in what he or she can do, that only makes it super-active.  The computer at hand, of course, does not work too well (that’s a limiting thing if what might be done needs a connection to the internet).  In addition, as is mentioned at times, a scooter is used to get to and from things. That needs recharging at times during which the going to and from is more severely limited.

Today being Friday and an “alternate” one, the food truck was due. Even if there is no pressing need, at present there will be purchase as there’s no guarantee there won’t be a pressing need.  Insurance is the idea.  Meanwhile, the scooter was running on empty again. It doesn’t take long for it to be on empty.  As the order was not done up and it was decided the lobby trip was important, even Friday’s pictures were forgotten for a while.  An adequate order was thrown together and the freezer was rearranged to make room for it. 

Insofar as the pictures went, there again was enough connection for a couple of things – this involves a five minute wait for the image to materialize.  Short games are played while waiting.  Fortunately not much was there in the way of pictures to keep.  The day was also a chance to do a little sharing about Aviation Trail.  It was not shared as expected; but, at least two more people have been told, and it was found in Facebook.  That’s a big thing. The only information has been the quarterly newsletters, and yours truly is tired. 

Progress can be slow.   


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