Diplomacy Didn’t Work

Maybe by midnight the entries to the weblogs can be finished.  It is most unlikely they will be done before then.  The unexpected came by, a visitor.  Most of the time no one comes by at all.  Papers from the office get dropped in front of the door several times during the month, but those are just something to pick up when they are seen and not someone knocking and subsequently talking. Everyone has papers.  And, the homemaker aide does come once a week more or less regularly, but she’s regularly and expected. 

So, okay, nice lady thought yours truly needed some chicken soup (it seems like she said chicken), home made.  Actually, a lot of the ladies cook up (or bake) a mess and then wonder what to do with it.  There’s no need for food in the apartment underfoot presently, although it would not be surprising to find someone in the building who needed food.  If there is a yen for soup, there’s the imitation stuff with frozen vegetables and something like spaghetti in place of noodles.  Still further, how to make soup is known. 

It’s terribly nice when someone who doesn’t have to notice people at all does so. It was just terrible timing. The homemaker aide had just left and in a bit of a stew at that.  At the door she was again asked about scheduling changes needed for upcoming inspection – it was discussed two weeks ago, but no one has yet said anything about when she could come that would be useful.  After the efforts related to homemaker aide business, the thought was to sit with a refreshing drink then take a rest.  Well, there was no rest. 

People things happen on nice days. 


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