Just A Monday

Monday morning….  For a change there was a relatively good night of sleep.  It’s incredible how that’s been disturb for so long.  Clear sky almost immediately gave way to dark cloud and rain.  Lights on made no difference in the dreariness. Email checked via cell phone as the computer has been abandoned for all practical purposes.  It was tested to be sure.  The library would have been called at 8:30 a.m. only they weren’t open.  Supposedly there is some “thing” that boosts battery power.  The later call got a dense librarian…. 

Monday afternoon…. It was too rainy to go out beyond the doors; it was a slightly late trip anyway.  Computer checked again.  Several more phone calls (at least two or three dollars worth) came up with no store with such a gizmo as suggested, but a librarian with a bit more in the way of ideas did come up with a possible name for the thing:  battery booster card or battery booster pack.  Well, better a guess than nothing.  Lunch was in there, too. Extra lights on all day, and yours truly likes rainy days, so the sense of dreary doesn’t fit.

Monday evening…. The one day time could be taken for a look into fixing the computer is gone with nothing found.  At least it may still hold at the elevators long enough to post something already written in the sixty seconds online there.  Come evening, there was stuff to get ready for Wednesday, weblog entries to do and calculations to figure out in view of the month’s end. That includes paying the rent on the 29th (the first being the following Sunday) and the landlady coming around on the 27th inspecting again.  It ain’t all done. 

Usually things don’t work perfectly. 



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4 responses to “Just A Monday

  1. Barbara Clough aka AmberANN

    Things can only get better..as they say…

    • Hi, Ann!

      As usual, thanks for commenting. True, there comes a point when things can only get better. however, rock bottom for humans is about six feet under…. 😦 The best thing to do is hope for better, I think. 🙂


  2. I think this is one of the most valuable facts for me. And i’m glad reading your write-up. But wanna remark on some normal things, The internet site style is ideal, the articles is truly great

    • Hi, Sylvester, and thank you for the compliment.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the entry and I’m glad to “meet” you. Truly, I think none of us really remember that things don’t work perfectly.


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