Men Of God

Sunday brings out church things.  The Baptists and seemingly some others send a van to pick interested souls in the morning and bring them back after services.  The Catholics send over a deacon to say a few prayers in some remote public corner of the building for the ones that gather.  The Jews and some others, of course, do not do much on Sundays, but the Christians “activate.” No other apartment building yours truly has occupied has been “churchy,” not even the one that was a Catholic school and had an abandoned chapel. 

The parking lot was looked over during the “daily excursion” with a few such thoughts in mind. The deacon and a “parishioner” entered the building at the moment the door was needed to go out; and, at the favorite spot, the church van turned in a bit too close. But, both were on site (theoretically) to carry the Word of the Lord, just like a couple of others on Thursday evening.  But, none would have been there had the Word of the Lord not been heard before. Someone at sometime had finagled their presence.  (They weren’t elsewhere.) 

Meanwhile the parking lot, as near as could be counted, had nearly two dozen cars missing. A fair guess, it having been earlier Sunday when the owners took off, was that they were off on shopping trips, although one or the other might have gone to church.  Anyway, the men of God plod to the place as if it were their job (it is) and do as they feel they have to do, then go home to their own families, glad to be done for the moment.  The truth of the matter is, that isn’t as the little old ladies (and men) want it.  They want godly attention. 

A spirit of good needs to prevail. 


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