And, As It Was

Saturday, April 9, 2011, arrived and not particularly sunny. In fact, the trip to the outside world was a trip to pouring down rain.  That there should be an excursion regardless is well established – there is a world outside of the apartment the touch and feel of which can be forgotten even with a window open.  One has to be in it to be in it.  Somewhat surprisingly two people were out there.  The man on a scooter with his dog made sense.  Dogs are taken out to do their business.  The woman from down the hall did not make sense. 

This Saturday afternoon yours truly looked around and concluded a couple of days (Thursday and yesterday) somehow escaped notice. It’s known something was done. Thursday the non-repair shop was visited to pick up the computer (by someone else). Yesterday there was no attempt to heat anything in the oven; a huge dish of cheese and macaroni (enough for two for sure) was consumed, removing it from the refrigerator.  And, today, the telephone bill was paid. The telephone bill paying is one of those things to get nervous over. 

There is clear evidence of such things being done (the computer is in use, the macaroni tray is at the top of the trash, the cell phone is with a more comfortable balance); but, there is no real awareness of it. The rude alerts are still in play, not just the door left unlocked again (this time from the inside); but, things like where be the “safe place” checks picked up Wednesday were put – in a bag, but which of a couple of dozen?  It would probably help if all known pains did not materialize now and then (as they did last night). 

The earth can change in an instant.     


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