A Happy Thing

So, yours truly sat at the little table where the coffee and cigarettes were relocated – the place was getting terribly stuffy and facing the wall didn’t help matters any – bemoaning the fact that not only was there no internet connection (except for sixty seconds a fourth of a block away out in public) but there also was no known repair shop. However, there was that sixty seconds, so a weblog entry could be written and posted. And, with the computer, something happened, it looked like it might connect.  (Anti-virus updates ram through.)

Visions of the free sample images expected to be lost materialized slowly. Last week there was not much to download deemed maybe usable, so little access to the stuff was not considered a great loss; but, what came last week was not even seen.  It did not hurt to try for it, and somehow the connection held long enough to go through the pictures and even post a little on two message boards.  Quite a few pictures were saved, including some arty stuff; maybe close to thirty of the offerings were kept for one reason or another. 

Not only was it nice to get the pictures, but the patch put on the air bed held. There are now two brand new spare air beds for the top layer in boxes. The homemaker aide brought one back Wednesday in the errands.  The one in use could have been ditched; but, it did not hurt to try another patch.  It’ll give out eventually any way, and the things were on sale. So, the day was hot and muggy; but, it has to be considered a good day just on the fact that those two things of importance turned out good.  On to the things set aside. 

Bright moments do happen.  


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