Same Old Conditions

The computer is back from the “computer hospital” unfixed.  It was some months ago, when it first seemed like there might a problem, that the place was called. Then what was said was bring it in to the shop.  Right then the man on the telephone didn’t have anything to do.  It cost over five dollars to find out what was strongly suspected before the homemaker aide took the computer to the shop, that is, now the man didn’t want to fix it. (It’s spring; more business was at hand.)  Five dollars was for special pick up today (Thursday). 

With luck, the computer may work as before for a while, until some other thing can be tried.  There can’t be any more time put on it at the moment.  There’s still a paper for the government (a new one), the telephone bill has to be paid (it’s not hard, just confusing), the air bed got a patch last night that seems to be holding (but it’s still a question), the banking has to be upped a week and the scooter’s in a state of re-charge at present, which is very limiting at present. And, there’s supposedly some kind of new computer gizmo. 

In short, yours truly is just about as always, like a person with leaks in the roof and not enough pots to put under them as is needed. In addition to the usual, headlines (that’s all that could be read) in the Dayton newspaper’s site today reported that bed bugs had tripled in central Ohio (which isn’t that far away) while people around keep prattling, “Oh! the bugs are under control!” as that’s what the word put out is.  Granted that mass hysteria is not a good thing; but talk of that sort does little but create an illusion of all is well.  It isn’t. 

Daily ruts can be comfortable. 


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