Maybe Something New

Doings, indeed!  Now that the scooter has enough energy for a day (maybe even two), necessarily and most inconveniently re-charged yesterday, another perpetual concern surfaced most definitely the first thing this morning.  The top air bed evidently has a tiny hole in it somewhere.  It’s very tiny, as it held up all night although a vague suspicion was already there last night. There’s a brand new one (in box) that should be okay.  There’s a patched one (in corner) which might be okay.  The one in use might last as is at least tonight. 

There is another sort of “throw away” thing on which to sleep, but it is more expensive and probably no better, just more durable. With the idea that “moving” should be possible in a car, the air bed deal is better as they can be deflated and folded up.  There aren’t any plans to change to something else. The bottom air bed seems okay as it has been.   When the top one gives out, yours truly sinks down to the bottom one and, since that is not quite a foot off the floor, it is hard to get up. A single one layer one is enough except for that.

Perpetual things eventually become a rut.  And, the rut is getting to be a real “pain.” Since the opportunity materialized during the noon time trip to the downstairs world, there’s been an attempt to get a little better acquainted with a lady that seems to be a kindly soul – a substantial change from the attitude that brought on the yelling of yesterday, not to mention much about some other things.  Attitudes that haven’t changed in two years won’t.  She’s been around for a while but not many years.  …Nice after yesterday’s yelling. 

Being open to suggestions leads to opportunities. 


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