Plenty Of Doings

Well, yesterday in the time online a real break-through in regard to bed bugs was found.  A bill for a federal law was introduced in the U.S. Congress that should change things for people like yours truly. So, spread the word, and how, when there’s other stuff, like today there were supposed to be people in the building with applications for another place to live…. At 2:00 p.m. the latter still hadn’t come as scheduled.  The scooter energy was just enough to get back to the apartment.  Then they showed up overly late.  Downstairs.

A notice by the door (found on the way out, incidentally) announced “spring housekeeping inspection” in April, very inconveniently dated for a Wednesday morning.  Based on past experiences, the arrival would be a half hour before the homemaker aide (who does sweep and such) would normally arrive.  The call to their office just might engineer a rescheduling to before the staff shows up to inspect. As to how it shall be done is yet to be seen. The person in charge was not there; but, the request is.  Someone else’s service time?   

As expected, the light bulb burned out during the night.  A second light was left on, so at least it wasn’t dark enough to trip on things. That part was good. A nice frozen dinner was shoved into the oven to compensate for the cheese and potato chips of the grab it lunch. Some yelling in the community room during the half hour of useless waiting was definitely not good; but, if a certain person is around it is not possible to say “Boo!” if it somehow includes the word “Ohio.” Nothing’s done for Wednesday, of course.  

A lost temper is hard to regain. 


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