Down Time

It snowed last night in Covington.  It’s past time for snow; but, truly, it’s okay, because there was little or no snow when everyone had it up to their knees or wherever.  Again, it was not a great day.  Real strange was the fact that there was the usual Sunday clearing out of the in house mail box, and in the process the keys to the place got left on the counter there.  That’s never happened before. One idea might be that a dog attached to a woman trying to take it out while pushing one of those walkers with wheels was a distraction. 

There was no resting in the afternoon despite time up at night time again. The ankle got so bothersome it was necessary to get up and put some medication on it.  The only relatively bright spot was that the internet connectivity held for a while again.  Re-registering now and then is necessary with the anti-virus in use.  That got done like just four days before it expired. The usual browser got updated as well, so the computer may be only barely usable, but it is current. The scooter needed re-charging and it wasn’t. 

The forgotten keys shouldn’t have been forgotten although the dog and owner were a distraction.  The woman didn’t have a tight hold on the dog.  (Dogs normally aren’t that much of a concern.)  Apart from the ankle, which is still swollen but not itching like it had a few dozen mosquito bites, the next likely concern will be the light bulb of the table lamp burning out.  It’s been flickering – which could be the wiring in the place as well as the light bulb. It’s usually the night light.  The keys and the ankle were the most depressing things. 

One must think positive (insofar as possible :-))


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