Yahoo Nederland?

If there is maybe ten minutes of connectivity down the hall – it’s not a good idea to figure on more, although it might be more – a good idea is to sort of estimate what might be done.  Email will include a notice from WordPress for any weblog comments, a notice for most (often all) notes posted with Facebook, notices of private messages in some places…. Email can take the whole ten minutes; but, if any chance exists, the British Broadcasting Corporation’s home page of news highlights world events and can be set to be read later. 

Well, plans may be thus and so, but today was “choice” in regard to “wrong stuff.”  The computer was shut off last night so it could rest. (Sometimes it helps to let it rest.)  The regular browser didn’t come up in a usable state.  The second isn’t set for the use.  Desperately the third was fished out, the http for Yahoo was typed in and what was presented was Yahoo Nederland. Time was very limited – the water was due to be shut off and the scooter needed re-charging. So, what can one do but sit and listen to the fire alarm go off? 

Lunch was around 4:00 p.m. (the scooter was re-charging, and it’s easier to deal with things like getting food if sitting).  At least Yahoo Nederland led to U.S. email once there was a login.  Nothing was to be answered right then, but at least there was a glimpse of where answers were needed.  With the plumbing supposedly finished, the fire alarm may also be finished unless there just happens to be fire somewhere.  There was a second trip to the lobby just to get away from the apartment to where something might be happening. 

Animals need exercise. 


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