Today (And Yesterday)

“Yesteryear” is not in play here, although it can’t be said that it will never be.  Naturally first thing in the morning things were not ready for the homemaker aide due soon. The unrecorded eighteen hours beforehand had been more trying than expected as, for one thing, yours truly saw no alternative to attempting to personally get to the bank that sounded good. That lady that might have gone was seen today, and she can barely walk.  She can’t be asked any more.  It’s been a while since (personally) that much walking has been done. 

A lot of usual things have appeared as usual hampering objectives such as last night (a time of need) the scooter needed re-charging and the computer was short on connectivity.  The calculations to be going to the bank were interrupted by the fire alarm again (and it’s fairly sure there again was no fire as it went on and off again). And, there was an unexpected knock on the door….  In return for some turkey and gravy that would not be fixed (it’s good stuff, but was a bad buy) a neighbor made some lovely corn bread. (Good trade.)

Anyway, email finally got sent at about 1:00 a.m. (down the hall by the elevators), a grocery order got scratched out after an accident (small one) was cleaned up in time for the homemaker aide to get said essentials. There’s cash in hand, cash in the bank and cash in the money orders for the first of April rent.  A storm went through the area that was not nearly as bad as was predicted (bad ones do not seem to get anticipated), so there was a little much ado about nothing.  And, a state of exhaustion prevails this evening. 

After a while, there’s usually tomorrow. 


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