Spring Is At Hand

And, the template’s been changed to something that looks like it is more fitting for the season.  It probably isn’t.  It just looks okay.  It is displaying pieces of a famous painting that just happens to have a lot of water, like April is supposed to have.  The “connectivity” to the internet lasted just long enough to make a few changes.  That’s one. The background color on The Diary’s Blog also got changed to black, from dead gray, as in the process of the changing to a water scene it was learned how to do that. Black is more suited to space.

So, it is Sunday, and there is no internet connectivity.  There was no grocery or drug store advertising in the lobby at noontime.  Such is available online, only there’s no internet connectivity. The scooter is again in a state of re-charging.  Therefore, even if the grocery stuff does show up in the building later, there’s a matter of getting it.  If there’s going to be walking around, there will be more than enough in the apartment as the scooter is re-charging. At least there was a look in the in house mail box so the mail carrier won’t be alarmed.

The weather outside was cloudy, windy, and a bit cool (true March) and rain had fallen earlier.  That’s an event at hand.  Meanwhile, in far different places in the world, gunfire that may change some life around is bedeviling some people and radiation is bedeviling some others. And, is that worse than bed bugs on children, the elderly or disabled or others who aren’t able to single-handedly do anything about them?  Gunfire may be escaped. The radiation is deadly, but the world is willing to help.  For the bugs, there’s no easy answer.

Days drift into weeks…. 



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2 responses to “Spring Is At Hand

  1. I like the new format, it’s pretty.

    Not being able to get online must be a real hassle for the residents in your building. Is there nothing that can be done?

    Please don’t tell me you have bedbugs…nooooo.
    Take care,

    • Hi, again, Debra!

      Thank you for the compliment. I looked at your site and enjoyed your report about “Mr. Old Car Collector”; but, to be honest, I wouldn’t have any one of those cars.

      In regard to internet access: the management claims it would cost $10,000 to wire the building for the television cable company that has internet broadband service. The current television company tells people to use the telephone company. I don’t know the costs any more, but I think it costs slightly more and I have a cell phone.

      I have had bed bugs and the other blog has a number of essays regarding them. I also do just a bit of research on them for a couple of people who have to deal with folks who might have them. I try to keep them up-to-date.


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