Life’s Expectations

While it’s not impossible, it’s highly unlikely that someone would do something like voluntarily get into a marriage without a hope that it would mean a life of happiness.  The whole controversy about such marriages as “family-arranged” marriages and “shotgun” weddings is based on the notion that the people involved have not chosen to get into the thing and, therefore, can’t be expected to be happy in their life ahead. Yet day after day the headlines tell of people who have chosen to be in such who are killed because they are in it. 

It’s not just severe domestic violence cases in the news that speak of things that went terribly wrong.  Perhaps the saddest example is car accident victims, especially the young. Someone innocently gets in a car to go somewhere, then a bad driver causes an accident in which that innocent person loses something like an arm or a leg. At first try thereafter the person can’t reach or stand up.  An artificial limb is provided. It’s put on, then realized that’s the way he or she will walk or reach from then on….  The rest of the world reacts. 

Sometimes yours truly looks around thinking, “This definitely is not what was expected” or “This is the way it’ll be from now on until it gets worse.”  …And, looks at 70 year olds trying to act 20.  Yeah. He’s really going places and doing things, only it’s not 1961 and it is not the way people act now.  And, for the old people, the thing is to appreciate the note on the bulletin board saying there soon will be weekend bus service, not bumming a ride from some buddy in Cincinnati.  So what was done?  Online visits and the weblogs. 

Some days are for meditation, not medication. 


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