Irish Day (No Party)

One uncle who married into the family had an Irish name that went with a Scots-Irish ancestry.  Scots-Irish, as yours truly understands it, is not St. Patrick’s Irish. The marriage produced two cousins who busied themselves being Irish, rather encouraged by their mother.  Well, they did have an Irish name and there was probably “regular” Irish in them. One day they found a family name tree showing some variations of their Irish name (there have been a few adjustments).  Their father was a tall, well-built, blue-eyed redheaded man. 

Being Irish hints of being many things – daring, theatrical, storied, a bit seriously religious and a bit seriously irreverent and, of course, other things some Irish would no doubt happily list.  Other heritage readily conjures up little or nothing or worse yet maybe something undesirable.  In that respect it pays to be Irish. And, businesses do need catchy reasons on which to hang promotions, and apartment building managers need reasons for “events” in March.  The place was decked out.  There was a celebration personally overlooked. 

While there has long been said personal family “basis” to be festive for St. Patrick’s Day, there’s also reason for not being so.  For one thing, the non-Irish family birthdays on March 15 and 16 merit(ed) greater attention.  For another thing, no one particularly liked beer. Most important, whatever one is, if there is any honest digging into it, also has it’s daring, theatrical, storied, religious, irreverent, etc., people.  The day was spent mostly suffering with the computer. A whisper of a connection (three minutes?) happened. 

Any day can be a holiday.        



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2 responses to “Irish Day (No Party)

  1. I’m not crazy about holidays though I know they have their purpose, I guess. A holiday for me is any day I have enough money to pay my bills.

    Are you Czech? I am.

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