Looking Ahead A Little

The morning dawned, but yours truly merely got up.  The new time is in play for business offices.  Government letter(s) – actually there were two of them – were at hand.  Preparations for the Wednesday visit from homemaker services needed to be instituted (that puts it better than a few other descriptions that might be used). To that or maybe apart from that, also needed were preparations for errands elsewhere, like to the bank.  It was hoped the lady downstairs who went to the bank before would go.  She just had some surgery. 

It’s really a good thing at present that there are only three things in use that operate on re-chargeable batteries (telephone, computer and scooter). Once again the scooter is getting fed. That eliminates a lot of activity and requires some thoughtful planning at any time, but especially early in the day.  A good, time consuming thing to be doing is something on the computer, but there’s no connectivity at this time.  It’s also possible to do things with the telephone.  But, if the telephone is used, it runs out of money and it may be needed. 

There was the usual trip downstairs and to the outside world; Fate or whatever timed it just right.  That’s when it was discovered that lady who might have gone to the bank could barely walk.  At least the weblog messages were in order fairly early, a few news stories got read and a little trash got packed. The government was called. And, called.  And, called.  About ten dollars has been spent on the government calling.  There was a brief chat.  While it’s not all done with, reportedly all is okay – at least for tomorrow. 

If there’s justice, there must be a heaven. 


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