New Era?

Well, the nation is now in the “new era” of another time adjustment, which will disturb the sleep and such of every living thing sooner or later (outdoor plants included), which will cause some measure of a havoc here and there. That will last a few months. It is also in some “new eras” of other sorts.  The drug store is advertising sandals.  A good bet is grocery stores will be advertising more fish for a while. No doubt some other advertising will also shift. Political discussions will be vague due to changes in other parts of the world. 

The computer is getting to be still more of a concern as it’s starting to “stick” even by the elevators (at least it did this morning). On that matter, the only thing to be done is to wait and see what happens. After things settle down a little, it may work better. Housing can be a concern – some gossip in the halls thinks the building is going up for sale.  Well, that’s always a possibility even without the likes of a need for expensive extermination.  The only question would be, is a new owner (should there be one) going to convert it to other use?

There will be a change for yours truly if by some miracle entries for the weblogs get done by early afternoon.  Today it may be so. The one for The Diary’s Blog is done already.  Somewhat surprisingly a couple of subscriptions have materialized for it, which is always an ego boost even if it doesn’t last very long :-).  Otherwise, the usual things are in need of attention.  In anticipation, the trip to the lobby included picking up the grocery advertising as well as clearing out the in house mail box.  The ad has some good stuff in it. 

Things that look the same may be different. 



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2 responses to “New Era?

  1. Hi, just stumbled upon your blog. I moved to Arizona 6 years ago and one of the best things about it is…no daylight savings time! Such a relief to not have to worry about it. It seems so much more natural.

    Hope you don’t have to move, that must be stressful to hear that sort of gossip.

    Take care,

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