The hour is near when the clocks will no longer be ahead of time. It is a depressing thought. It’s not easy for one to keep up with things when the world travels at a much faster pace than one does. There is not much chance of changing that at the moment, either. There’s chance of changing it somehow, but not necessarily as desired.  Of course, the situation might be changed by setting the clocks farther ahead, but it’s hard enough keeping two times straight without the addition of a third.  Neither of the two is the same as natural time. 

At the moment, however, yours truly doesn’t give a hoot about that and quite a few other things including the government, the cost of living and to an extent even about the computer.  What is sitting at this computer is a person who can walk, but not very far.  Among a few more minor things, the breathing is not too great and a state of exhaustion takes over in less than fifty feet (hence, the value of the scooter).  Otherwise, there is a need to be sort of propped up.  It can be done by the likes of leaning on stable things like counters. 

One of the biggest problems with the apartment house (it is true of others as well) is that there is no “corral” for scooters (or other like items) by the front door.  If anyone using such wants to go farther via car or taxi, a scooter has to be taken apart and loaded in, and it’s heavy.  Months ago some thoughtful individual left a folded up walker where people leave things for others to take. Happening by at the right time, it was hauled back to the apartment as possibly useful and stuck in a closet.  Today it was tried.  It may work. 

Keeping “at it” can pay off. 


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