More Status Quo

A great big thank you – no doubt – needs to be sent to cyber world realms for these obscure diary entries getting published.  And, it is for a person likely forever hidden behind an identity at WordPress help (likely never to be known here) who once suggested using the Windows Live Writer program to compose them.  It’s not known by yours truly how it’s operated hardly at all.  It seems to work on an email principle, but without being email. The material’s just written in it and posted as done once “Publish” is clicked.  That’s all. 

If there was a need to get on the site and compose there, chances are good it wouldn’t get done with the few minutes of connection in play these days – in a chatty hallway, computer balanced on lap in between the front handles of a scooter (turned sideways) and near armrest, with that attempted in spite of the night time shenanigans as has been happening in recent days.  Last night was just as bad, but different as there was no bedding down until after midnight. It only made that untimely awakening later. 

Nothing is ready for Wednesday, except the week’s advertising has been picked up.  However, as the scooter was set up to re-charge again today, at least there’s power to get around again.  And, most fortunately it seems there’s no desperate need (at the moment) for anything like banking.  A little discovery was made.  There’s been frequent mention of the in house store; but, it was never started up (as expected as the lady doesn’t have the needed volunteers).  So, non-perishables are being gathered in a cupboard…. 

Inventiveness knows no age. 



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2 responses to “More Status Quo

  1. Barbara Clough aka AmberANN

    I’ve only a rough idea how computers etc work….its a little like driving a car, turn on the engine, select a gear and away you go..Computers are the same..enter it goes..
    Keep Well.

  2. As usual, thanks for the comment, Ann.

    The thing is, click or not, it doesn’t go anywhere without internet connectivity.

    Presently the only place I can pick up some connectivity is down the hall by the elevators. As there’s no place to plug the computer in there, it runs on the battery alone — for ten or fifteen minutes until the battery runs out. Then there’s a need to wait for the battery to re-charge, which takes a lot longer than ten or fifteen minutes.


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