Status Quo

Well, another day arrived, and middle of the night awakening again took place. The computer again was without connection then and a few hours later and still later (except at the elevators’ area).  Given the first awakening, some coffee and messing around was followed by a return to bed only to be disturbed again (by an idea early, by another telephone solicitor later).  Nearing the noon hour, mostly to get a grocery advertising flyer, the trip downstairs took place.  The mail in the in house mail boxes was forgotten in that first trip. 

As sunset approached, having accepted various facts, such as with limited computer access, the scooter will be out of commission in a re-charging maybe every other day instead of once a week due to the need to scoot down the hall to get some access, alternatives to things began creeping into mind.  A ham sandwich was created as lunch had been nothing but cheese and crackers.  The trash in the kitchen was tied up – it was full enough.  The table lamps were lit although not needed yet as it saved doing it later. 

In the disorder a few things were learned.  The tenants’ association had elected a new president in December who almost immediately resigned.  He decided to move. This is called informed voting. The new president is down the hall; there’s no point in even thinking of relying on her to again get yours truly a jar of coffee if homemaker services collapses.  Reportedly the landlady is very unhappy about something (unknowns).  (It might have to do with money.)  There’ll be no more association newsletters.  So much for information. 

Sometimes things work out okay..     


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