So…. Life Continues

Could today be worse than yesterday?  Well, one of those “amid the night” awakenings happened again.  (It’s getting to be ordinary.) As there was enough messing around in the likes of the bathroom that there was a more thorough awakening, it didn’t hurt to run through the computer things (most everything was covered just a few hours before, so there wouldn’t be much time spent on it, maybe enough to get good and sleepy). There was a lovely note from a friend with the email.  Once sound asleep again, the telephone rang. 

The “final” awakening happened with the noon alarm.  A trash bag, the most used one, was full already.  The computer didn’t work at all, except down by the elevators. Now, the biggest concern for the last three days was using up the energy in the scooter.  Trips down the hall use energy; but, more important, there has been forgetting to shut the thing off.  There is an automatic shut off of some power after about a minute; but, the gauge that shows how much energy is left stays lit. More or less, it’s been lit since Wednesday evening. 

In mid-afternoon while trying to look up something prior to heading downstairs, it was found even the anti-virus download jammed.  It was damp outside, but yours truly stayed long enough for cigarette and fast look around, and a pause to calm down.  No question the computer had to be sorted out with minimal connection (it is) and the scooter had to be connected up to re-charge as soon as could be to avoid that during the night.  As soon as possible meant lunch was pretzel balls.   Such was not the day’s anticipated agenda. 

Even leaving some to spare may not work. 


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