Worse Day

It seemed better outside this Thursday morning, brighter than days ago; but, that did not help with the miserable feelings of yesterday as those only got worse. Indeed, new pains arrived.  Staying in bed until nearly 11:00 a.m. didn’t help, either.  (…That is, after getting up around five, around seven, and around nine.)  Much of the time yours truly was almost shaking like a leaf for no known reason, just sitting on the edge of the bed.  It wasn’t cold.  The only thing to be doing was sit there a bit and expect to lay down again soon. 

There is such a thing as delayed shock; but, there’s nothing known to be a reason for being in shock. Given where and how some pain developed, it’s a remote possibility, in which case it was very long delayed shock.  Most of the day was spent in bed, with a get up to eat, etc.; and, a few expectations were set aside (like arranging to get some money as there is very little at hand at present).  It didn’t seem to do much good, but at least nothing was aggravated. There was also little computer connection during the morning hours. 

Anyway, it’s Thursday night.  There’s nothing to point to and say it was done today.  There’s still a case of being nervous and upset to points like forgetting to shut off the scooter (it was just re-charged yesterday) and having the hands flare up into an itchiness. The one known “impending doom” is the switch from Standard Time that will soon take place.  There is no relating to “Non-Standard Time.” The standard time itself is about a half of an hour off natural time.  It is to be watched carefully how tomorrow goes.   

Forgetfulness isn’t good. 


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