Bad Day

Some days are worse than others – that’s true for anyone anywhere and maybe even some things.  What makes days worse (or better), for human, animal, plant (or inanimate object) may be particular or general, and so forth.  One thing that made it bad for yours truly is that the scooter ran out of energy, really ran out. Somehow it was a bit misjudged last night.  It looked like it would last until afternoon, at least until the homemaker aide was gone, last night.  Today, not so, and there was no stirring out of the apartment until evening. 

Immobility, however, was a tad minor in comparison to other things more vital. There’s a sort of state of being sore all over, which may be due to anything, but the suspicion is something in the flu range.  It’s not bad, but there’s more difficulty in breathing than usual and cough drops are on the menu.  It was a choice time to be getting a message from the government about Medicare being in jeopardy if and such.  There’s no reason there except the frequent need to do some straightening out, today to the tune ten cents per minute…. 

Then there was the business of the possible water shut off during a current six weeks period. Well, the bathtub got a load of water and after ten days or so it be a little old and graced with any flying dust and all that.  The homemaker aide was asked to clean out the tub. She tried.  The thing wasn’t draining out.  It did by evening; but, it suggests maintenance may have to be called to be puttering amid the plumbing.  In the meantime, there is now some dried in dirt in the tub while there is a disinclination to be doing anything. 

Nothing is created perfect.   


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