Online Is Surprising

There is no way to know (on a personal level) exactly what caused it, but to the absolute amazement of yours truly, in the most recent check of the “stats” of the weblogs (they’re not checked every day), it says that two hundred and ninety-six “views” went to The Diary’s Blog one day this month. It’s the second time there has been a big number there.  Since there are two entries per page, it may not be due to something in just one. The thing is, it suggests that a couple of hundred people ran a search for something and got it. 

As noted somewhere, there has been no real “standard” promotion of either weblog, just an occasional mention some places.  Doing it more takes more study than has been put into it.  There are some little angles that puts entries higher in the umpteen million results one can get with an ordinary search. Sometimes it seems maybe it would be a good idea to cut down on one of the weblogs. Then the statistics such as those are seen.  After a rest for a while a notion for a topic can materialize; but, some days little happens. 

Along with a current need to change plans (it takes restful thought) there has been an increased difficulty in breathing (restfulness can help), so much of the day was spent in bed.  There’s not too much going on there.  A February wind under very cloudy skies finally hit Covington, so there was no staying outside.  Two people who were in the lobby area were braving the chilly wind to get dogs out. And, none of them (dogs included) looked like going out was appealing. Some days there isn’t much. 

A day in bed can do some good.    


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