“Recaps” Can Be Necessary

A total of four memoranda have landed at the door in the last few days. Indeed, late yesterday being the end of the business week, a special trip was made to look outside of the door to see if anything else had arrived.  (No.)  The first, of course, was the two pages of proclamations and declarations about proper use of the community room.  The last was an advisory that the water would be shut off as needed for the next six weeks.  In between, in addition to the bug inspection notice, there was a management hosted party notice. 

Now, this coming Monday is a U.S. legal holiday called “Presidents’ Day.”  It’s celebrated on the third Monday in February.  Banks and government offices, among other things, are closed; yours truly is keenly alert to such days.  And, there has been enough disruption that it was forgotten until some advertising speaking of “Presidents’ Day Sale” was seen late yesterday.  When, on the past Wednesday, it was seen things were upset, a calendar was checked for chances to do things.  It’s simply that the holiday was forgotten. 

A conclusion came out of all of the above. In February there’s some upheaval (for want of a better term) or disoriented systems.  It was always thought this was due to winter weather compounded by the likes of “income tax time” and the coming of Lent at times, plus the fact that it is an abbreviated month.  Yeah. Well, there has been no real winter outside to hamper anything.  Sitting outside briefly does not take a coat in Covington.  And, the further conclusion is, things have to be figured out all over again. 😦 😦 !

Sorting things out requires calmness. 



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2 responses to ““Recaps” Can Be Necessary

  1. It doesn’t sound like your winter has been too bad Carolyn. Plenty of time for ‘sorting’! 🙂

    • Hello, Michael!

      As always, thanks for stopping by.

      If you mean there’s no need to battle with the snow, so far, that’s the way it is; but, I don’t shovel it any more.

      I see you tried posting a “smiley.” Yes, they take automatically if you know the code. I’m thinking of posting a list of them; but, I’d have to find out for sure which all of them “take.”

      I used to love shoveling the snow.


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