Things Brewing, Indeed

Well, things arrived on the scene today, this following the extensive concern about how areas of the apartment building property aren’t being used in a proper civilized manner. As yours truly awaited the homemaker aide (in the revolutionary state of being all ready for a change), one item was another notice by the door. The latest notice to the tenants (residents) declared there would be  inspection next week for bed bugs, apparently throughout the building – bugs are throughout the city (it said). 

In the “something coming down” department, however, that was not the only thing on a personalized level.  (The sun is doing something on a generalized level). The reason the door was opened at all was to see if the homemaker aide might be coming already as that was a little past the appointed hour.  Well, no.  A call to the office found that she was at the office. A substitute would be coming, and that a mere two and a half hours later.  And, with that one, there’s always something that doesn’t fit.  She was true to form. 

Adjusting to the above (the solar activity included) may be the only thing needed at the moment, but something (not a feeling in the air this time) says that isn’t all.  One thing going on is that it’s near to spring-like outside, and it seems too early for spring.  That is one thing to thoughtfully consider.  It’s not the only thing that looks like it needs thoughtful consideration; but, it is the only clear-cut thing at present.  The internet is also in a sort of fracturing state, and it is used a lot.  (Lunch was missed today.) 

The world is surely going somewhere. 


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