So, Who Did What….

The landlady is apparently very upset about some things.  A notice received today but dated yesterday, so possibly partly the result of things reported yesterday morning, was crackling with capitalized, underlined declarative instructions and announcements.  The main damage seems to be that someone damaged the coffee pot. But, a bunch of other things have apparently been wrong in and/or about what is called “the community room” – probably some hot words in regard to claims on seats and more. 

Well, it “felt” like something was brewing.  It’s not likely it was just a mess left by party-participants over the weekend, either, although there was an enumeration of trashy conditions. There’s at least one resident who has no qualms about ordering others around, but no one else was ever noticed doing so.  The emphasis on that leads to wondering if the person somehow thinks it’s not her or if there’s a would be boss being missed.  It’s been mentioned before.  It may not be that is all that is brewing. 

If the community room is locked after hours, it will be a curtailment of space for certain.  However, it would not be a great loss to yours truly as few “events” are attended.  There’s too much needed just staying afloat at present, and the more “social” one is, the greater the chance of acquiring another load of bed bugs.  The concern at hand today was a determined effort to finish off the usual grocery stuff, and surprisingly, this evening all was ready in regard to that and what is supposed to take place on Wednesdays. 

Tiny successes are better than none.  


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