Sunday Afternoon

It is late Sunday afternoon in mid-February in a most placid section of Covington, Kentucky, (USA) as humble computer is once again in hand (or more accurately “under” hand) for the purpose of creating something of uncertain description.  Once in a while such is started much earlier.  Not so today. The current momentum of the cosmos has brought the matter to this time. The sun is shining beautifully in the outdoors, with nary a speck of snow in sight.  A boat sat in the river apparently unmoved and gleaming white a short while ago. 

The delayed luncheon dessert of cream-filled soft oatmeal cookies (two cookies with a creamy mush between them) being munched at the moment just slid down the pants’ legs.  There has been a rash of food droppings recently.  A little over an hour ago ketchup from the ham sandwich dripped on the duds.  Syrup has dripped off of the breakfast waffles.  French toast and fried fish crumbs scattered about in the last forty-eight hours.  However, yours truly isn’t upset at all.  A little surface cleaning takes care of it good enough. 

All was not well, today by any means.  The heat wasn’t shut off this morning, so naturally the place got overheated.  That’s an intricate matter involving extent and direction of the sun, temperature and more.  Nonetheless, still perturbed over last Wednesday’s grocery stuff still not being finished off, there was a resolve that it would be done before this Wednesday’s was begun.  And, indeed, it was.  A good twenty minutes was without groceries nagging in the pile of to do.  It’s good to have someone else go to get them. 

Moments of peace can mean a lot. 


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