After All, What is Normal?

Some days start out relatively well  Today was one. That makes for an opportunity to remember not only things on that so-called back burner (some there so long the stuff’s dried out already), but a few things that could be a bit unsettling in the days ahead. An example of that is the time-wise activities of the local world.  At present that operates on “Standard Time” while yours truly operates on “Saving Time.”  There’s an hour to spare with anything that needs doing for a given time.  The leeway will cease in the not too distant future. 

In a category of uncanny events….  At ease (see above). the coffee from breakfast, as usual, was established at the computer.  It was about 10:30 a.m. (EST).  Soon somehow a matching cigarette stuck to the fingers momentarily and flipped to papers on a shelf under the computer. A well dried one ignited; the burn had to be mashed out.  At near 11:00 a.m. (EST) all seemed to be okay.  It was about an hour later that the daily lobby trip ran into the fire department prowling the building on a report of an emergency (false alarm). 

Then, after the good and the strange, there is normal disruption of life. Today it was the system updates insisting on installation.  Such always requires the shut down of the computer. That always closes things like all the pages that needed editing sitting in the tray. And, other updates (such as Adobe) materialize. And, since all is closed down, it only makes sense to do things like defragment the system. Three hours later (the defragmentation was long overdue) it’s night and things are in the usual rather hit and miss way. 

Sameness is better than deterioration.   


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