Just A Light Bulb

A good start in the morning is always welcome.  It’s just a shame it didn’t last very long.  For one thing, before asking for maintenance to change the light bulb, it was realized upon a trip out to the area for coffee that the sink had to be cleaned out.  It’s not that the sink would be used to change the light bulb.  Whenever any staff comes into an apartment, and service personnel as well, they immediately become aware of the place. In short, they are subconsciously doing an inspection as well as doing whatever is scheduled. 

Next, by the time yours truly got the sink cleaned out and some of the bags laying around put away, a “rest period” was needed.  The need was so bad that actual sleep took over at just about when the 1:00 p.m. (EDT)/12:00 p.m. (EST) alarm went off. After a near fall in the process of getting up to shut it off (walking is never firm, but this was a near fall), it only made sense to get some coffee, wait on the second alarm in a half hour, then “grace” the bed again.  There was no noontime trip outside; the light could wait some more. 

There was a hope to do something special with the day.  It seemed as if there might be a few hours in which to try to find something in regard to the cousin that may have died.  Most “people find” sites give a minimal amount of information; but, a lovely person in Utah suggested a site that apparently can be used for free for a twenty-four hour period.  Well, today is now about over.  Since the light is now in a work order, maintenance is likely to be around tomorrow.  And, Wednesday is homemaker aide day….

Some things are written in life. 


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