The Day’s Collapse: Air Bed

Now, let’s see, yesterday a light bulb burned out – not just any old light bulb, most of which yours truly could change, but the primary kitchen light bulb.  If something like a two-step step-stool were at hand, it might be reachable. There was no expectation of changing the kitchen light bulb every couple of months.  That was yesterday; today’s important thing for collapse was the air bed.  A small hole developed in it during a noon time rest period.  It was a very small hole, but small holes let out the air like big ones do. 

In view of a reluctance about sleeping on or near the floor (it’s too hard to get up if things are too near the floor), the chore for today (in addition to the usual of looking for the grocery advertising and studying the trash situation) was trying to patch the air bed.  First a hole in the thing has to be found.  They are usually small, and with no air in the thing to pull it apart some, nearly invisible.  Then, it’s necessary to glue down a patch.  The directions say something like do not inflate for four hours (no naps). 

Well, it got a patch. And, since the stuff to patch was gotten out, an old air bed was pulled out and re-patched. And, since  glue was in hand, a place on the scooter that needed glue was glued down.  It is seriously hoped the glue can withstand a few things at least for a while.  And, it smelled up the place.  And, the computer worked at times – just at times – most of the day; there was a little trip down the hall to read about what’s going on a few places in the world as well.  It’s all not normal, and the not normal is what is normal. 

The ancient Greeks said things were not static. 


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