Signs And Wonders Of A Day

From relatively early (mid-morning), noticeable things materialized. The principle light in the kitchen burned out. Some minor bleeding began in a hard to reach place.  There were well crafted messages posted about the rent being due.  The weather is rainy. An attempt to walk across the room was near impossible.  The scooter showed low energy.  Nastiness on a message board seemed to be slowing, for the moment.  A bothersome dream that floated by came back. It was an eventful morning. 

The burned out light bulb means go to the office on Monday – it’s a something to do.  It’s not that difficult. It’s just a nuisance to have a something to do. A small scab accidently got knocked off a “moving part” and the wound keeps re-opening – the blood is alarming.  A “reminder” about the rent was posted both on the principle bulletin board and the office door – that suggests many residents aren’t in a good situation.  Rain instead of snow means it won’t get cold and there will soon be a lot of bugs…. 

An accurate “reading” of “how things are” is far more important to a lone individual than such is to anyone with more than one person in the household.  With two or three people in a place, what one does not see another often will. And, even if no one becomes aware of a concern, joint effort can resolve a matter a lot easier than one lone person trying to handle many things.  An accurate “reading” usually doesn’t happen that accurately.  The important thing is that if more develops, it doesn’t come as a big surprise. 

Little things say much. 


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