Odd Details

Tomorrow (as this is being written) is Wednesday and homemaker aide day.  So, is the grocery list made out and the trash gathered up?  No.  However, the rent is paid for the month, and surprisingly the receipt was under the door maybe three hours later instead of three days later. That is not the way it usually happens.  The office wasn’t busy.  Why was the office not busy?  Didn’t anyone else pay the rent?  Didn’t anyone call for anything?  Something unknown may be afoot or maybe underfoot. 

The inspection okay showed up yesterday, too, as was said would happen.  The paper is in hand.  The world’s okay for the moment at least. Once tomorrow is cleared, there will be a chance to deal with something beyond minimal survival.  There’s been thought of some things, like making out a check for a small donation to the veterans who keep sending the pretty return address labels.  It’s been in mind for a year; but, signing checks with good signatures is hard to do.  

What really needs to be done is re-reading the weblog messages to make sure they are half-way decent. So many windows are open and waiting that the tray is overflowing; but, if they are closed out, they are harder to find.  It always happens that when there’s a lot of them, an update comes through which requires closing down the computer.  Then they’re all gone.  A new thing was bought that can maybe make it easier.  There’s been a magnifying glass at had for years; but the lady at the health fair suggested reading glasses. 

It’s a new world daily. 


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