Emergency Living

Nick of time stuff – it happens all of the time, and yours truly does not like it. There’s an unstable basis out there in society. Too much in life these days is not reliable.  While it’s something that might be analyzed if it were from just one source, it isn’t that way, either.  A thing (or service) can look as reliable as the earth itself; but, let any quite normal event take place (like a change in the seasons), and it all collapses like a house of cards.  Meanwhile, the build up was as involved as something for a lifetime. 

Today’s “nick of time” matter involved toilet paper.  It pays to keep an emergency stock of some things. Toilet paper is one such thing. Well, last week the homemaker aide was needed for extra cleaning in anticipation of the housekeeping inspection. She was only to run across the street from the bank to pick up a couple of essentials – a loaf of bread and a jug of water.  Toilet paper was by-passed; a pile of food would take too long.  Toilet paper could be ordered at the neighborhood drug store. 

And, all was well, except in the morning rush one forgotten item for the list was toilet paper.  It wasn’t remembered until a visit to the bathroom viewed the toilet paper in use – the emergency supply. A call to the drug store found the lady with the delivery had already left.  That on hand would have stretched out until Wednesday, but it was an uncomfortable situation. An unexpected visitor was a lady from the agency sending the homemaker aide present to find out if all was well. And, she went after toilet paper. 

Life can be unsettled. 


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