Wet Paint

Alcohol dissolves (or something) certain kinds of paint.  Most often, it liquefies whatever paint is commonly used on apartment walls, at least in places occupied by yours truly in these latter years of life. This is a useful thing to know if one is renting a place, maybe even an important one depending on circumstances. It’s one of the “hold it together with shoestring and chewing gum” angles one might use as a stop-gap measure, until a situation changes so that one does have to pay for a paint job. 

A lot of places have lease clauses that provide for a paint job every five years.  It might be possible to get it done otherwise, provided one pays for it. If it is possible to hold out the five years, it’s free or should be.  Often the walls are painted an off white.  Especially if a smoker occupies the place, in time the off white deteriorates to a shade like very light beige.  Things happen, like a lot of moisture in the air will cause droplets of water to run down the walls causing a few brownish streaks and upsetting landlords. 

A scrap of something like paper towel well-dampened with alcohol very lightly brushed over such a spot will dissolve just enough paint to cover it.  Then there’s no need to wash down the entire wall.  In the end, painting something is easier than anything else – unless it is terrible, you go over it once and that’s it. It takes very light action as, if one rubs too much, all the paint comes off or it shows up as a lighter color.  With housekeeping inspection coming tomorrow, the walls have been very much in mind. 

Ingenuity is good. 



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2 responses to “Wet Paint

  1. Barbara Clough aka AmberANN

    Reminds me of my RAF days living in married quarters…we would get the whole place painted once every 5 years..usually in pastel colours…put on by a large pad in a slap dash fashion…and marks could be made to disappear with a light rub enough to transfer paint onto mark…another trick was to use cheap coloured soap to fill in any holes left by picture hooks.
    Some tricks saves money.

    • Hi, Ann!

      I’m just a little behind in answering you here. (As you may have noticed, I haven’t even edited the messages recently.)

      I never heard of (or would have thought of) the soap trick. It’s a good one to remember.


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