Annoying Things

Everyone experiences things that annoy them. Those vary from one person to another, and it often (but not always) depends on what a person wants to be doing.  The annoyances may be just something around a person, or they may even be within one.  Of course there are classic cases, like when “elderly” people find they are no longer able to read the “little” print on papers (which print really isn’t that little to most other people). And, there is the nearly unique. A need to repeatedly adjust the heating system at hand is such. 

Among the annoyances in the current digs, there is nothing outside of the place that really constitutes an annoyance. Once in a while in the daytime the people in the houses across the way carry on some activities in the backs of the houses, like the few days when one of the trees was being cut down, when it’s noisy for a time.  Mostly, it is as quiet as a graveyard, especially at night.  Cincinnati was noisy as the apartments were downtown.  Inside, like in the hallway and the surrounding apartments, it’s much the same. 

The annoyances include things like scooting up to the computer all set to do something.  To one side is a digital clock, and it will state a time, like 9:10 a.m.  There are a few moments to clear up some breathlessness and a pause for brief thought, then the sinuses let loose with a drip – just one – and there’s a grabbing for something to blow the nose.  Then there’s a cough.  All thought is shot away. By the time everything is cleared up, the clock declares 9:25 a.m.  By 11:50 a.m. a couple of things have been checked. 

Distractions come in different forms.      


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