A real literary artist can make a story out of anything.  A very slick and sought after national magazine once ran a story on pencils – the construction of pencils.  It was interesting.  More important, it was unforgettable evidence that anything could be interesting if it was well presented.  It did not take sex, gore, mystery, power or any other rather overwhelming thing for a thing to be interesting. It took the ability to see something and see possibilities (yours truly has to look around a lot, think long and write things down). 

One thing that might be discussed is coupons.  It’s Sunday, and the weekly door-to-door distributed package of advertising flyers that comes on Saturday or Sunday (which is mostly grocery advertising) has had brochure-like collections of coupon-included advertising. It looks like it’s mostly new stuff on the market. However, it can be discussed some other time; it sounds so commercial and about as interesting as shredded paper at the moment.  The glories present are somehow obscured. 

Another thing noted down (the bottom of the topics’ barrel seems to have been reached) is computer games. A lot can be said about computer games, much of it not too good.  Vividly in sight there is an aluminum can that once held a soft drink.  That’s a topic; but it now hold cigarette butts, and that’s not worth discussing. Activities today consisted of nothing much but messing with online computer stuff.  Aches and pains have been well covered in the past.  Dinner has yet to be shoved into the oven. 

Perspective has a lot to do with things. 



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2 responses to “Topics

  1. Barbara Clough aka AmberANN

    I love the way you can find interest in the most mundane stuff…and as for coupons ..I once knew someone who would eagarly collect and send away for all manner of her shopping using the coupons spite the fact half of the stuff she bought she wouldn’t ordinarily have bought !

    • Hello, again, Ann!

      It’s always nice to see a comment from you.

      I don’t know that I’m particularly adept in finding mundane stuff interesting. I think it’s more a matter of for some unknown reason I have often had a need to find alternatives for things (a matter of holding things together for the moment with shoestring and chewing gum), which alternatives turn out to be a bit curious.

      As for the coupons, well, one purpose of them is to get people to try things; so, even if she wound up with a large collection of things she didn’t need, maybe she found a few things that made her a little happier and she was having fun doing it. It doesn’t take much to amuse some people.


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