Unexpected Things

As the sunset, the temperature hit around twenty-two degrees, as per online weather sources; and, after having the heating unit shut off from about late morning onward, yours truly finally turned it on again.  It has been chilly outside, but the apartment is anything but cold.  Without the sun streaming in, however, it’s not as warm as in the daytime, particularly deep into the night.  Having that lined up until mid-morning, it’s time to tend to various things such as eats and entries hereabouts…. 

The day’s events have been miscellaneous and, as usual, not at all as intended.  The food truck that didn’t show up yesterday did not show up today, either, although the company customer service said otherwise (three telephone calls there and some time killing rather than nap).  Something positive was done….  A couple of weeks ago the homemaker aide was sent after big plastic tubs (with lids) that were on sale.  Wednesday it was two lamps.  A rather dark corner of the place now has a lamp on top of two tubs. 

A little bit of hunting was done to see how much might be needed to locate some information on the probably deceased cousin.  Last contact was long ago.  As near as can be determined, he was the best of the lot and so much younger – ten years.   An online game was completely forgotten in the last few days.  A set up instituted on Tuesday for results on Thursday was recalled this afternoon.  It was sorted out; but, it’s time to junk it.  Such are money-making operations (they got none); but, it’s not known how to get rid of it. 

A light in a dark spot expands a world. 


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