There’s no question that it is harder for some people to admit to a defeat than it is for others. And, no doubt many factors play a part ranging from how important the matter is in the over-all scheme of things to a person’s psychological bent at any given time. One such factor may be nothing more than how accustomed the person is to succeeding at something or winning something.  A cautious person who doesn’t usually take on more than he or she can handle is that type, as is a person who can take on more than others. 

A person with a ninety-eight percent success rate might easily get into a real stew wondering where the mistake was that caused the failure.  In fact, in such a case, there is probably a notion that the whatever isn’t working right sometime before the failure happens, which adds to the sense of defeat.  To make matters worse, some optimistic person is liable to come along and say something to the effect of, “Well, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.”  … Which is fine and dandy, if the means exists. 

Every day yours truly aims for various things.  And, every day there is something in or missing from the mix that brings on not quite an out-and-out defeat or failure, but (a better word) “incompletion” of all that was intended. With the homemaker aide due tomorrow and today to get things all lined up, an absolutely miserable night went on with aches, pains and assorted other disturbances pretty much demolishing today.  And, a housekeeping inspection is due in just about a week.  The landlady is sure to notice plenty. 

Patience is a special virtue of the elderly. 


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