Fitting In

Somewhere around the late autumn of 1976, trying to recover from a badly wrenched back, yours truly got an idea of trying something different in the way of exercise. The idea had several aspects. One part was that if there was money in something, even if it was just a few dollars, that would be motivation to get with it when there was no inclination to get with it.  A door to door sales route to be visited when one felt like it sounded ideal.  There had to be time spent on the route; but, it could be anytime. 

Everything went okay for a long time.  The daily objective was to go into the territory long enough to get one sale.  That’s all.  It’s not as the company wanted it done; but, the district manager didn’t have enough representatives.  It was personally workable, and the deal went on for five years. Now, it made no difference whether it was a “rich” house (there were several of them) or a “poor person’s” little rental.  Things went pretty much as expected, except for one time of puzzlement, which puzzlement still exists to an extent. 

One place close to a far end was a mid-size apartment house. One day it was decided it was time to try the apartment house.  Nearby there was a customer, and it was easy enough to get in as the door was open.  At the second or third door, the woman began carrying on – screaming – about who had a right to be in the place.  People in the neighborhood had a right to be in the area.  She yelled and threatened until there was a hasty departure.  She didn’t fit.  While maybe the door should have been locked, it wasn’t. 

People don’t always belong. 


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