Another Ordinary Day

As the witching hour approaches again, yours truly meditates on it and why it’s this late that these notes are getting done.  It’s cold in the place.  The heat was shut off around noontime and it’s finally getting chilly in the place.  Does one keep on typing in order to do up a message and have that done with, or does one stop and go fiddle with the heating system?  Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of fiddling or it might be the middle of the night before the message is finished and the homemaker aide comes soon after…. 

Then, the coffee cup is empty again – it got emptied on the other weblog – and does one go fill the cup or have thoughts interrupted with thoughts of coffee?  The scooter is running low on energy, too.  At least some of the stuff needed to send the homemaker aide to the supermarket was gathered up.  See, the computer would jam every so often, and while it unraveled some things for the shopping were put in order.  That did make this later; but, it was something that needed to be done. 

More than a half of an hour was spent smearing medicine around on the ankles (both of them now).  Well, that did have to be done, too.  And, time was taken to put together a reply to someone who was willing to talk about the bed bugs.  They’re around.  They are all around, and no one wants to discuss them.  That took another half of an hour or so.  One bag of trash got gathered up, too.  It happened to be convenient, but that’s beside the point.  There’s really nothing to show for the day, however…. 

And, there isn’t always a tomorrow. 


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